Meet the crew!

The Haarstudio Salon, located in Den Helder is more than a salon, it is a family of professionals who seek to serve the community in which we live. We cater to all hair types, and our focus is on meeting your hair care needs, whatever they may be. And if you are not sure what that is, our team is available for consultations. Our goal is for you to walk out of our studio feeling confident and knowing that you’ve been in the care of creative professionals who strive for excellence. Please take a moment and get to know us, we look forward to getting to know you!!


I would like to welcome you again and thank you for visiting our website! Together with my sons, wife and colleagues, we form the De Haarstudio team. The Hair Salon that is ready for you 6 days a week! I myself have been active in the hairdressing profession for more than 20 years and have turned my hobby into my work, and I really like it!

Zana Ali

Good day, I would like to introduce myself! I am Zana Ali. Since 2013 I have been active in the hairdressing profession. I have been doing this with great pleasure for years with my family. In addition to cutting and shaving, I also train people in the hairdressing profession. I also enjoy doing that. Quality and service is our number one priority, come and experience the experience yourself. I specialize in every type of hair within the men's profession.

Aiman Ali

My name is Aiman Ali, I have been working at De Haarstudio since 2016. Just like with my brothers and my father, I am active in the hairdressing profession. I've been cutting since I was 13, and I continue to do so with enthusiasm. I find the hairdressing profession very fun and challenging. I specialize in the men's trade! I also participate in hairdressing competitions in the Netherlands, which I really enjoy doing and unforgettable experiences!

Kim Slot

I have been working in the hairdressing industry for 3 years! I followed my training at the All inn Kapperscollege in Alkmaar! Since 2018 I have my Allround
hairdressing diploma. I love the job and enjoy my passion to carry out coloring, cutting and so much more!